RNC Day 3 – Post Mortem

@Home – Well. What’s done is done. Ted Cruz came and had his piece, and perhaps peace last night. Why he was allowed to speak is clear to this correspondent; The_Donald and the RNC were desperate to present some semblance of unity within the party — which only served to show how divided it presumably is, if not offered an awkward moment for the convention …yet again.

This speech before the entire body of the Republican party, and in the end was received by loud boos and indignation. It even forced The_Donald to make a brief appearance in order to mitigate the anger and more than likely embarrassment which was about to further mar if not malign his newly anointed title of ‘Republican Presidential Candidate.’ If something, or anything served Ted Cruz was the opportunity to toss in preview to the 2020 Republican primary & presidential campaign for the nomination; not to mention more animus heaped upon him from those who were clearly offended by his un-endorsement.


So much has happened during this convention. From the Melania Trump’s blatant plagiarism of FOTUS Michelle Obama’s POTUS Barack Obama’s DNC presidential confirmation, speech — To the allegations of “cheating” during the delegate count on the first day, as well as the ‘D-List’ of speakers. However, what breathes a sigh of relief (knock on wood) is that the demonstrations, of which were predicted to be dire, have been civil and at most entertaining; notably CBS’s Late Night host Stephen Colbert in his post-mortem broadcast last evening

As of this posting The_Donald is now at the convention doing a “final walk through” and ahead of his final appearance later tonight. In finally appearing to check the podium he looked a bit stiff yet animated, with his daughter Ivanka at his side as he practiced his waves, and thumbs-up with his small hands. This is going to be the moment to watch in a little over 6 hours from now. What he will say will either be just another stump speech w/teleprompter, or a speech that will conclusively unite the party, and inspirationally gain additional supporters/votes … where the former is highly unlikely?

If anything, it won’t be boring. So break out with the peanuts, popcorn and finally, the balloons!

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