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This Is Just Too Much

Source: YouTube.com

Dateline: Irvine, CA – It’s Tuesday, and with the days flying by fast, the Labor Day break cannot come soon enough. However, in seeing this slam by John Oliver last week and seeing it again today one (sane & rational) can only help but to laugh. As of this posting, and aside from the deranged lunacy which and almost on a daily basis now that The_Donald has been defecating, it’s a challenge to keep up — This is just too much. Moreover it appears that The_Donald’s poll numbers appear to be tanking, if not cratering altogether.

Fast forward to yesterday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, with Scarborough. And it appears now The_Donald is running against the American Free Press; banning the Washington Post, and possibly the New York Times from covering his campaign stumps.  “That’s a guy that knows he’s going to lose … Sad and pathetic …” says Scarborough – Bada bing.

Yes. It’s all too much, but not enough RealityTV?

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