Trump Surrogate Turns Into An Owl


Dateline: Irvine, CA – This is pretty sad. Here you have one of The_Donald’s advisers looking highly pissed off and clearly agitated over a simple question regarding today’s announcement of the big shakeup in their campaign. With a contemptuous and smug look on his face Michael Cohen repeatedly snapped, “says who?” and prefaced by a deafening silence after the initial question. It is this sort of interaction with the media that would lead some, if not many to believe that all is not well with The_Donald’s campaign, and with 80-some-odd days till the General Election it looks as though that the TrumpTrain™ is just about to come unhinged and nearly off the rails. Stay tuned – A RealityTV or even a game show of this (in The_Donald’s parlance) “stupid” format doesn’t come along often.

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