Shake And Bake Campaign Strategy


Dateline: Laguna Niguel, CA (8:45pm PDT) – Once again The_Donald “restructured” his campaign which is suffering miserably in the polls lately. First, he turned to a known O.C. racist and syndicated wack-job in the way of Stephen K. Bannon of Breitbart to head his campaign as CEO. Next he made history by tapping former spokesperson and surrogate, Kellyann Conway to take care of his meat-puppet ground (literally) game as his campaign manager; a first for a Republican presidential candidate. However there are some real losers still out there. Like say, some guy name Cohen, or a guy named Boris and of course that nutty and insane wonder Katrina Pierson.

It is possible that Conway may be able to mitigate even further damage to the campaign with this, yet another, shake up with just under 90-days remaining till the election. However, in keeping the SPOXs and in the way of the three aforementioned it’s highly likely that little to no improvement may be had – just more cray-cray blither blather and of course the rectal-cranial inverted prevarications from the The_Donald.

Yet let us see how these changes bake into The_Donald’s campaign which has now gone to scripted teleprompter deliveries, and a so-called strategy of letting “Trump Be Trump.” Other than that it may be safe to presume that the insanity and the unhinged nature of The_Donald will be kicked up several more notches now that he has the likes of Bannon to sling more bigotry and conspiracies into this fruity, if not nutty The_Donald’s campaign and mix. Yes, it will be entertaining and amusing – yes, it will be nasty and there will be a lot of knad kicking … But HRC doesn’t have any, where her opponent has little, and a challenging target to hit?

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