Broken: Republicans Cave & Extend


Dateline: Irvine, CA (10:45 pm PST) — It was a real touchy crowd from the #MAGA peanut-gallery this evening with breaking news that the Republican Congress had averted a looming government shutdown by extending budget funding well throughout the summer and into September.  What was striking about this was that the matter over Trump’s “Wall” looks as though, for now has been shelved indefinitely from any negotiations or part of any deal (so much for the “great” negotiating acumen of the ‘Thief-in-Chief).

Of course the knee-jerks from the #LowInfo knuckle-dragging ‘Grifter-in-Chief’ supporters would not have any of it.  In fact, and as usual pivoted, in a the most interesting cranial-rectal inverted manner imagined, to cite Hillary Clinton. And the typical: “look over there, not here” tactic which is Trump’s usual method of distraction, from the facts & subjective-truth.

Nevertheless, the “truth” and the “facts” regarding “The Wall” and of the #TrumpRussia scandal appears to be taking it’s toll with the #MAGA; more tremendous will be hair-on-fire when the subpoenas and indictments come public — or a thermonuclear exchange or ground war on the Korean peninsula; Afghanistan or even Syria by a U.S. military deemed to be Trump’s very own?

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