Of Sally & Flynn


Dateline: San Jose, CA (8:35 am PST) — Former Attorney General Sally Yates is prepared testify before a U.S. Senate intelligence committee and the attention to this is riveting in that The_Donald Whitehouse was warned by Yates that Michael Flynn was a potential threat to national security because of his relationship and conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak.

To what level was discussed between Flynn and Kislyak is not necessarily the question at this time (will get to that). What is focal to this testimony is what did the Trump Whitehouse knew, and when should bring out more over this potential scandal regarding national security since Flynn was given access to sensitive high level national security information critical in the protection of the country. The question over compromise is the ‘question.’

Just In: According to news sources: “Obama Warned Trump About Michael Flynn.”

Looks like The_Donald’s B.S. is starting to wear thin? …

.. /update pending

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