Trump of Arabia

Dateline: San Francisco, CA (10:00 am PST) — No one can identify The_Donald with Thomas Edward Lawrence, CB, DSO, who refused knighthood from England’s King George V, however can it be said that he is doing his best to toe-the-line when it comes to U.S. Arab foreign diplomacy.


It is interesting how The_Donald walks this tightrope given what he has said during his campaign about Muslims, and not to mention his surrogates and AM conservative radio sycophants regarding the Sharia Law that is the law of the land in Saudi Arabia.

The imagery of The_Donald bowing and cajoling and embracing the Arab monarchy must certain send a certain message resulting in cognitive dissonance to his #LowInfoMAGA in remembering his bigoted words and rally speeches regarding Muslims and to a greater extent Arabs – for the sake of selling weapons to an long standing & strategic ally in the Middle East.

Yet, it are these sort of optics that comes across as something of an odd visual yet after dropping a MOAB in Afghanistan, and missiles into Syria there’s gotta be something to pay for these expensive distractions? In time this visit will tell how much of an effect will have for the future of this potentially explosive region in the world and of world politic.

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