Of Trump, War & Syria

Dateline: Irvine, CA (7:00 pm PST) Donald Trump has ordered a military strike in Syria along with the British and French against the Assad regime chemical production sites and targets.

Although this was not “unilateral” strike the timing and the tweeted and broadcast warnings by Trump appear dubious given the breaking news earlier in the day regarding the criminal investigations against him and his attorney Michael Cohen.

(7:15 pm PST) — Pentagon briefing now in progress; informed that strike operations have concluded; Secretary of Defense Mattis cites Article II of the Constitution as a rationale and that this was “vital to American interests.” Further, a “de-confliction” strategy was employed..

(7:45 pm PST) — On Fox News a retired U.S. Army Colonel with Laura Ingraham and Sebastian Gorka are debating then going at it what the Framers of the country envisioned over war;

On CNN three retired U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force Generals; on MSNBC defense and intelligence analysts including Malcolm Nance offering observation and speculation in post-strike analysis ..

(8:05 pm PST) — The consensus at this time is that nothing conclusive as any “losses” were incurred nor how many missiles were fired of which were reported to be Tomahawk missiles along with possible allied ordnance and missiles as well .. the strikes were centered around the city of Homs and outside of Damascus targeting suspected storage and chemical production sites


This is a fluid and developing situation and any subsequent entries to the post will be strictly for historical and archival intentions ..

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