Fifty Days To Go

Dateline: 01-Dec-21 – Portsmouth

With the U.S. election now in the history books and with Donald Trump acting like a petulant child slinging one lawsuit after another in challenging states to suppress and or even disenfranchise votes his days are numbered. And while 50 days seems like an eternity it is comforting to know that president-elect Joe Biden & vice-president-elect Kamala Harris are now in a long awaited and severely delayed transitional period leading up to January 20.

It’s been a while since yours truly has posted to WP however so, so much has gone on in the world, in the U.S. and personally. In primarily using Twitter (which appears to be down at the moment) thought to post some thoughts on what is, or may be coming in the fifty-days comes to bear; what will the Trump crime family and organization do to further wreck the country? What will the incoming Biden administration find in the severely damaged infrastructure of the U.S. government; will Trump eventually go to prison. These and hundreds of questions now swirl in the minds of those concerned.

Albeit, come what may it’s going to get a lot better. A LOT better once the challenges facing the country are dealt with by competent and responsible leaders, and citizens alike. For the country deserves better that with what it is confronted with now and in the last 1411-days of an occupation, of a federal employee who was assisted & install in the highest office of government by an adversarial foreign government .. namely Putin & Russian military intelligence and operatives in the country and in social media.. & they shall continue to be watched & hunted.

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