Republicans Still Don’t “Get It”

Republican Mo Brooks today just came out banging the seditious anti-Democracy drum in trying to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-president elect Kamala Harris’ rightful win in the 2020 U.S. election.

It is this sort of delusionally depraved behavior that is the result of Donald Trump poisoning the country with lies and reprehensible demonstrations of stupidity. It begs to question if and or when will they actually realize that Biden won, and Trump lost . . . or ultimately “get it” . . .

If a single U.S. senator joins Brooks in challenging the certification, it would force a debate and vote in the House and Senate. No senator has done so, and a number of Republicans the morning after Brooks spoke were signaling they did not want the party to move in that direction.

This is the state of what democracy is in right now in the United States and allies and enemies alike are watching to see if the incoming good of a new administration can mitigate the damage Donald J. Trump has wrought upon it in the past 4 years, as installed by an adversarial foreign government(s) as a Federal employee and a [sic] “public servant” . . . which is so far from the fact and truth that such a job description didn’t apply; neither by “oath & affirmation” either.

— Yor Ayl

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