There appears to be a misconception that the Coronavirus just appeared out of nowhere and that a single nation (China) is to blame for its outbreak, which has turned into a pandemic. Both of these assertions are further from the truth and facts about this virus.

Scientists have known about this virus, of the human kind as far back as 1965 and of which certain groups have developed into different strains which included animals.

According to / Coronavirus History: Origin & Evolution:

Seven coronaviruses can infect humans. The one that causes SARS emerged in southern China in 2002 and quickly spread to 28 other countries. More than 8,000 people were infected by July 2003, and 774 died. A small outbreak in 2004 involved only four more cases. This coronavirus causes fever, headache, and respiratory problems such as cough and shortness of breath.

MERS started in Saudi Arabia in 2012. Almost all of the nearly 2,500 cases have been in people who live in or travel to the Middle East. This coronavirus is less contagious than its SARS cousin but more deadly, killing 858 people. It has the same respiratory symptoms but can also cause kidney failure …

It is common knowledge that the Spanish Flu did not originate in Spain, but is alleged that it was first detected in France, or even China and Britain – there is also data suggesting that it may have originated at a military base in Kansas on March 11, 1918. However, to this point variants, or the metamorphosis (for use of a better term) of the virus have occurred numerous times over the past decades and to squarely place blame on a nation for it is not only moot, but ignorant.

The recent development of a vaccine for COVID-19 by various drug companies is a welcome relief, however humanity is “not out of the woods” just yet. Masking, basic health & hygienic practices such as washing hands, bathing, wiping or washing after defecating, etc. & avoiding so-called “super spreader events” should and must be observed and possibly legislated into certain concentrated or hard hit regions, or states that have been severely impacted; death tolls as of this writ passing 300,000+ dead.

There should be no misconception that mitigation, in combating this strain of the Coronavirus is a must and whatever vaccines now developed and being injected are NOT the absolute cure for it. For as scientific history has documented it is not going to “just disappear,” or “just go away.” It will again raise its deadly head; some predict, in a cycle of 8 to 14 years, AND there may be a COVID-27 or COVID-34 outbreak then.

Let’s just hope that at that time there will be true leadership AND not a reckless, feckless and deceitful one, if and or when that occurs.

Breaking: Hong Kong will ban all flights arriving from the United Kingdom from midnight local time on Monday .. Asian nations including Japan and South Korea said they were closely monitoring the new strain, but did not immediately cancel UK flights.

The question now begs; will this particular strain be called “COVID-20?” This news of a new strain comes with a considerable amount of trepidation now that a vaccine has been developed for COVID-19, and which brings into question as to what can be done to mitigate beyond flight bans? As of this moment U.S. CDC has yet to announce in notice the existence of the new strain.

Just In

…Different variants of viruses often emerge or disappear by chance, the CDC said, which may be the case with the U.K. strain — known as VUI 202012/01 for “variant under investigation.”

— Yor Ayl

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