The Fuckers

Expletives are always attention-getters when it comes to political rhetoric & discourse and in the case of the incoming Biden administration’s Communications Director, Kate Bedingfield she has certainly captured the tone of the last four years of Donald Trump’s employment in federal government – for which he is now FIRED from.

It’s not so much that the tone of her opinion may be construed as offensive to the recipients of such a characterization, but the head-up-the-ass outcry from the right-wing who found Trump’s profanity acceptable to their own hypocritical selves.

The esteemed former First Lady, Michelle Obama once stated: “When they go low. We go high,” however in this toxic political climate that Trump has fomented and fostered since taking office, it’s natural that such a blow-back would occur with commensurate or even tremendous ferocity.

Albeit, American politics have changed .. some say for the worst during Trump. But if anything the Republicans should take this as a warning that “the gloves have now come off” . . and to prepare themselves for a rhetorical ass whoopin’ when it comes to their bitchin’ and #ButtHurt howls in the coming days, weeks, months and years after January 20, 2021.

— Yor Ayl

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