Inauguration Day 2021

With the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-president elect Kamala Harris it is clear that this ceremony will not be like those of the past, but a vast departure from it. With the Coronavirus still taking its toll on lives in the around the world and the U.S. .. Russians hacking into sensitive U.S. government networks and businesses .. pro-Trump supporters calling for demonstrations and possibly violence on Inauguration day America is now in a moment of perceived weakness, until Trump is formally and legally by virtue of the U.S. Constitution removed from office.

Interestingly enough there are those who would cite the past in such a dishonest and reprehensible manner:

It is common knowledge that there is little to no leadership coming from the federal government at this point and the pains taken by those who are bravely attempting to keep the country safe and secure are facing a nearly insurmountable challenge. For it is a fact that the effort, by enemies of the State, foreign and domestic (Republicans in congress, incl. right wing militia organizations and groups) are taking its own toll on this democracy.

There are those who find comfort in the coming inauguration; as there are those that will go batshit insane over it. Nevertheless, perhaps there could be some solace found, perhaps even in humor from the last inauguration.

Granted Inauguration Day is no joke, but a solemn, momentous and significant event and that the peaceful transfer of power in this democracy proves that it is sound. However, with the anticipated absence and lack of presence of the lame duck [sic] “President” (who may retreat to his resort in Florida) underscores the strength of it.

— Yor Ayl

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