Good Help Is Hard To Find

Caught both sides of the constitutionally argument in this the second impeachment of Donald J. Drumpf. But first Trump’s lawyers .. they suck. All conjecture, presumptions and no point whatsoever in addressing the matter at hand: the domestic terrorist attack by Trump’s #maga thugs and brain washed crazies on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 which by all accounts of video and reporting was inspired by Trump. And in trying to desperately argue the “un-constitutionality” of the impeachment they only proved, for the millions who watched that they were nothing but feckless suits with no basis to counter or refute the many constitutional scholars (among those in the Senate gallery of witnesses – the Senators who were subject to the terrorist attack).

The most compelling moment was at the beginning with the Democrat House Impeachment managers. And while it appears that it did NOT sway the 44 GQP RepubliQans, several of who didn’t bother to pay attention to the proceedings or even what was being projected to the Senate jurors and most importantly to the American voting public and citizenry; instead some Senate RepubliQans meandered the gallery; watched something on their cellphones .. or even yapped it up among themselves, proving without a reasonable doubt that they didn’t give a fuck and had already made up their minds to acquit Trump.

Above all, and this “moving on” narrative by the RepubliQans SCREAMS that a terrorist attack by Donald Trump’s thugs, convicts and insane supporters of the U.S. Capitol SUGGESTS that it’s o.k. to commit insurrections now & in the future .. It must be made abundantly clear to make sure the names & faces of those 44 GQP RepubiQans (or those voting “nay” in the end) are plastered on every primary & re-election campaign ad .. they’re TRAITORS to this democratic republic & a threat to DEMOCRACY & in the future ..

It is reported that Trump is livid and “yelling.” If he were still on Twitter, or even Facebook he’d be FIRING his legal team who did more to destroy his standing in these proceedings than in helping. But so what? Expect more of it in the coming days and in a gesture of mercy, the House Impeachment managers should hold a secret vote so that these gutless #RepubliQans in the Senate have an “out” with the crazies.

.. and then send in the Peanut Gallery of “bots” . .

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