Dick Pics ‘r Us

Breaking News … and ” the hits just keep on comin’ ” for Donald Trump’s inner circle of disgusting, depraved degenerates and garden variety sickos . . .

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“A confession letter written by Joel Greenberg in the final months of the Trump presidency claims that he and close associate Rep. Matt Gaetz paid for sex with multiple women—as well as a girl who was 17 at the time..”


It looks as though that Donald Trump’s pardoned and one of his best fiends and ass kisser Roger Stone is also embroiled in this investigation into Gaetz’s DoJ investigation into “sex with a minor” and the trafficking of a child, or children ‘for sex.’ . . . and identity thief and child sex trafficker, Joel Greenberg “has all of the Venmo and Bit-coin receipts” with Gaetz . . . and a letter demanding a ‘pardon’ for his many convictions from Trump?!

The saying: “The Worm Has Turned” doesn’t necessary mean the insect at the bottle of Tequila that Matt Gaetz has been guzzlin’ . . . but the idiom certainly applying to his cluster fuck of an impending indictment(s) and prosecution of his nasty ass . . . A sick MF’er who it has been alledged and witnessed showing off pics of naked women to colleagues on the floor of the U.S. Congress.

No. He’s “innocent until proven guilty,” however actions speak louder than words and his ‘act’ appears to be nothing short of ‘guilt-by-association’ .. kinda’ like Trump’s “terrific guy” friendship with now dead pedophile and child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

All need to watch the spectacle of this asshole presumably goin’ to prison . . . and then some . . . eg. Rudy Giuliani . . . who like Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) “washttps://www.cnn.com/2021/05/17/politics/joel-greenberg-guilty-plea-court-gaetz/index.html warned” by federal law enforcement . . .

May 17, 2021 – BREAKING NEWS

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(Former Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg pleads guilty to six federal charges)

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