Of Conventions & Data Dumps


Dateline: @Home
July 25, 2016 11:00pm (PDT)

Republished 5/25/2021

The first night of the Democratic national convention has concluded. It was tumultuous, as it was filled with heckling and drama if not a whole lot of entertainment. In monitoring the event strictly via Twitter, as this correspondent was enroute home, it read as though that critical mass in one form or another was about to occur. However, upon finally being able to view the coverage it appeared that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters held the upper hand in the heckling and raucous atmosphere. However, and what led to this was data dump of the Clinton campaign’s e-mails/correspondence which contained material that illustrated as number of “nasty things,” and in the context of a political nature. Nothing that threatened national security as the Republicans suspected Hillary Clinton over over the near endless Private Server-gate investigations and committee/commissions, or even the Republican suspicions turned witch-hunt over the ‘Benghazi’ attack which accused her of being “sound asleep in bed” during the attack on the U.S. Embassy there … It is however about the suspicion of foreign nation meddeling in an American election and politics.

The day before David Sanger and Nicole Perlroth of the New York Times postulated in an article a thumbnail sketch of what the data dump might entail. And of what a tad bit intriguing is the timing in and of the release of the data. It is also ironic that The_Donald’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort has close ties and has done business with the Russians as a lobbyist, as well as other dictators and tyrants; ironic that the content of the data was in the context of the presidential election and opponents of the candidate that Manafort is currently doing business with. Moreover, how it appears that The_Donald is quite favored by the Russian president Vladimir Putin, and of whom he favors as well; when one couples this with the latest rhetoric by The_Donald to leave the United States of America’s allies in NATO “out to dry” and to fend for themselves to deal with the Russians (militarily) it paints a very ominous scenario and where 1 + 1 does not equal “11.”

There is no proof at this time of any collusion between the Russians and The_Donald’s campaign, however the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the matter. But for whatever it is worth the damage has been done for the data that was dumped benefited not only the ardent followers of Bernie Sanders, but also that of The_Donald’s campaign himself. Yet, if anything was salvaged from the first day of the Democrat’s convention was in the appearance of the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

In opinion it was a moving speech and articulately delivered in the most passionate manner ever imagined. It touched on many points and feelings; sentiments and honor that drew some tears from those present. But what it did send was an endorsement that raised much applause in agreement, and of which drowned the heckling from the #BernOrBust crowd that were also present in substantial numbers. And aside from Corey Booker’s ‘uplifting’ speech, Bernie Sander’s delivery of his own ratifying endorsement of Hillary Clinton capped the 1st day with tears, jeers and cheers as well.

In watching, and tweetin’ the speech and as it unfolded there was a creeping feeling that Sanders was about to launch a Ted-Cruz-To-Lose-missile-strike upon the convention. Sanders’ first 15-20 minutes of the speech sounded as though as he were back on the stump and still campaigning for the presidential nomination – what led to this was his encouragement to his followers to support him in the roll call vote. However, and notwithstanding, in the end those feelings were quashed, and thankfully with his support of Clinton and additional rhetorical attacks upon The_Donald.

However, for what it’s worth the presumed effort of the opposing The_Donald campaign to destroy the 1st day of the convention was a win-lose; as it is also presumed that while him and his campaign were giving high-5’s to one another in the first hours of it, were left to having to shove The_Donald before a camera (ie. Fox News with “Lumpy“) to try to mitigate the reversal done by Michelle Obama, Corey Booker and of course Bernie Sanders.

In sum it is conceivable that there will be more “leaking,” and that this will be a pissing match, and nastiest presidential campaign in recent memory. As it is also conceivable that early on The_Donald, Manafort, and perhaps Putin were initially slapping one another’s backs, and where the imagery of that a scene, and of another repugnant (Republican?) scene with Winston Wolfe immediately leapt to mind — [Parental Discretion Is Advised]

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