The_Donald Campaign: Version x?


Dateline: Irvine, CA (8:45am PDT) – Looks like The_Donald’s Sr. Campaign advisor, Paul Manafort has resigned, and was kinda hoping he’d stick around till Nov. 8th as a reminder of The_Donald’s ties to Russia & Putin. Now, with his new campaign CEO Breibart/Bannon, this latest change should accelerate the cratering of his catastrophic campaign. What happens next with his campaign is anyone’s guess and speculation, however if there is any indication that it will get worst there is ‘down ballot races’ that the Republicans and the GOP are now beginning to bring their focus upon & considering commit campaign funds to; not the Titanic of a polling disaster The_Donald’s campaign has devolved into.

Another indication that things may get worst was The_Donald’s amusing “apology?” Yes, last night he appeared to have ‘step out of character,’ but what specifically was it that he “regretted” that cause ‘so much pain?’ His cratering poll numbers, and to his #MAGA (Make American Grapes Again)? Or, that he now has to read from a teleprompter (which he initially believed early in his campaigns thought was a ‘stupid’ method in campaign stumps?) Or simply running for POTUS … which it appears his own kin is now ‘suffering‘ from? Whatever the case may be, this pivot*? was received by laughter, and to this correspondent ’tis quite clear that he was just joking, or even bein’ “sarcastic?”

The departure of Manafort is without doubt a terrific, or even a tremendous development. It’s all about change, but as one political observer noted, HRC has not in terms of her own campaign staff changed since early last summer, and appears to have a solid if not effective teams in key battleground states and precincts.  In contrast to The_Donald’s and who has changed now three or four times in his campaign, illustrates that he truly has little, to no idea how to run a general election campaign.  In fact, and in a recent on-the-ground survey of Trump campaign headquarters and offices there are little, if not understaffed teams to be observed. Objectively, perhaps he might turn his campaign around with this change, but of course ‘hope springs infernal,’ that this may be reflective in the polling to come. Nevertheless, and as time approaches for the debates there is even speculation there as to whether or not he will attend. And it is this sort of unpredictability (which The_Donald uses as ‘strategy’) that gives his opponents even more to mock and ridicule.


For now and as of this posting he is in Louisiana to assist and to volunteer his mouth in the on-going flood disaster – Just like his appearance in a Wisconsin suburb earlier in the week after the riots in Milwaukee in pandering to African-Americans and their vote… Or is it just another cheesy photo-op and expecting the throngs of MAGA supports to show their assistance of his campaign, and of which too is “taking on water?”  Perhaps not.

Update: To his credit, The_Donald and his running mate Mike Pence arrived in Louisiana with an 18-wheeler filled with food & goods to aid in the effort and for the flood victims and families. Yes, this was a “terrific” gesture.  However to those who’ve come to know him, came across as more vote pandering if anything else.  There is even criticism of POTUS BHO that he is on vacation and playing golf, and “doesn’t give a hoot” about those in need and are suffering. However, as one contributor had stated, and in fact, that Gov. Edwards of Louisiana, local-First Responders, charity organization (ie. Red Cross) FEMA & President to-date has sent more than just an “18-wheeler,” which The_Donald would love to put into a campaign commercial?

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