⭐ Breaking News: U.S. House of Representatives Vote For 1/6 Commission

5/19/2021 – 4:10 pm (PDT) The House just voted to hold a commission in the investigation of the January 6 domestic terrorist insurrection upon the U.S. Capitol that was inspired, instigated and instructed by Donald J. Trump who said, “I’ll be there with you . . .” prior to attack.

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It appears that the 175 RepubliQan QAnon GQP representatives cannot stomach the subjective truth and the objective facts that this Commission will divulge. Ironically it is a slap to the face of rank and file police officers around the country and the “Blue Lives Matter” movement in the death and the beatings of Capitol police. Yet on the other side of the coin, a kick in the nuts to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy with the 35 Republicans who split from the QAnon crazies.

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Now this moves on to the Senate RepubliQans led by Mitch McConnell – either way – he’s in deep sh!t . . . the Democrats have the majority and IF the RepublicQans succeed in blocking the formation of the Commission, there will be even MORE hearings and well into the 2022 mid-term elections which he and all treasonous RepubiQan incumbents fear and wholeheartedly dread. A perpetual political advertisement underscoring their treason and hatred of DEMOCRACY.

7/6/2021 – 10:10 pm (PDT) – On this 6th month since the January 6th domestic terrorist attack the questions over this assault on democracy still lingers, no matter how hard Trump and his Republicans continue to try to “white wash” America’s own political “crime of the century” . . .

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